Rallye d'Antibes Côte d'Azur 2016 21-22 may 2016


Peugeot Sport faces a packed programme of topflight rallying this weekend. While 31 crews battle for 208 Rally Cup supremacy at the Rallye Antibes Côte d’Azur in the south of France, the competition’s 2015 winner Jose Antonio Suarez will be defending the colours of the Peugeot Rally Academy at WRC2 level at the Rally de Portugal.


♦ After the recent all-gravel Rallye Terre des Causses in France, the 208 Rally Cup’s second round marks a switch to asphalt as the series moves into the mountains that tower over the French Riviera.

♦ A new record for the competition’s biggest entry was established at the opening round when no fewer than 31 208 R2s lined up for the start. The same figure is expected for the season’s second clash!

♦ Meanwhile, last year’s 208 Rally Cup victor Jose Antonio Suarez will be competing in a 208T16 at the Vodafone Rally de Portugal, the second outing of his WRC2 campaign with the Peugeot Rally Academy.


Portugal and WRC2 action for ‘Cohete’ Suarez

While 31 crews will be competing in the south of France in a bid to follow in his footsteps as winner of the 2015 208 Rally Cup, Jose Antonio Suarez will be in Portugal getting another taste of world championship action. This time, the Spaniard, who will drive the Peugeot Rally Academy-liveried EVO version of the 208T16, will be looking to take advantage of the experience he gained on dirt within the framework of the 208 Rally Cup in his bid to harvest a top result at Europe’s western tip. The Rally de Portugal has attracted a 26-strong entry in the WRC2 class but Jose Antonio Suarez and Candido Carrera are unfazed by the prospect of competing against the category’s established front-runners.

Along with everyone at the Peugeot Rally Academy and the people in my entourage, we are all fired up and looking forward to the Rally de Portugal, says the Spanish youngster. We had a good test recently and we have even had some great help from Carlos Sainz. I want to continue to familiarise myself with the 208T16 and give my very best as my way of paying back all those who have helped us.


For further information about the evolution specification of the 208T16, click here: http://www.peugeot-sport.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/208-T16-Evo2.pdf

On the asphalt of the French Riviera

Following the season’s opener on the all-gravel Rallye Terre des Causses, the 208 R2s will switch to asphalt trim as the calendar provides this year’s competitors with their first opportunity to show their skills on sealed surfaces. The twisty, technically-challenging stages of the Rallye Antibes Côte d’Azur visit the same region that serves as backdrop to the famous Rallye Monte-Carlo and the exercise will consequently serve as a useful benchmark for 208 Rally Cup runners, many of whom were caught out by the same awesome mountain roads this time last year…


An exciting entry

It is difficult to pick out a single potential winner from the 31-strong entry list and a close eye will need to be kept on the 21 crews listed in the Junior class (born after January 1, 1993) who currently monopolise the top three places in the standings, with two more figuring inside the provisional top 10.

The opening round was won by Pepe Lopez (Sainteloc Racing) who stands out as one of the favourites, while Jean-Baptiste Franceschi – a consistent podium finisher since the end of last season – would love to pick up his first victory on home soil. Meanwhile, William Wagner (PH Sport), who came ninth on this event in 2015, is on good form at the moment and hoping for a top points haul, just like Nil Solans (Mavisa Sport) who showed well on late April’s Rallye de L’Escarène which numerous 208 Rally Cup runners contested in order to prepare for this weekend’s Rallye Antibes Côte d’Azur. Others to watch are Bruno Riberi (CHL Sport Auto) and Andrea Carella (Power Car Team), who were respectively second and third in Antibes in 2015, Stéphane Consani (Automeca), who retired while leading last year, and Patrick Magnou (Pit Stop).



The roll-call also includes six drivers who missed the opening round, including Antibes regular Xavier Quinsac (William Odou, Easy Rally), Jonathan Boueri (Chazel Technologie Course), who crashed out last year, and Anthony Fotia (Pit Stop) who was third in the Junior French Championship classification here in 2015 and who will be getting his first taste of the 208 Rally Cup this time round. The list continues with Jérémy Fournier (H2 L), former racer Brandon Maisano (FB Rally) and Yoann Salvadero (Automeca) who is making his rally debut!




Thursday, May 19

♦ 8:30am-2:00pm: Shakedown, Paredes (4.61km)

♦ 8:01pm: SS1, Loussada (3.36km)


Friday, May 20 

♦ 7:50am: Service A, Exponor (19 minutes)

♦ 9:30am: SS2, Ponte de Lima (27.44km)

♦ 10:14am: SS3, Caminha (18.03km)

♦ 11:03am: SS4; Viana do Castelo (18.70km)

♦ 1:30pm: Regroup (15 minutes)

♦ 1:45pm: Service B, Exponor (34 minutes)

♦ 3:39pm: SS5, Ponte de Lima (27.44km)

♦ 4:23pm: SS6, Caminha (18.03km)

♦ 5:12pm: SS7, Viana do Castelo (18.70km)

♦ 7:03pm: SS8, Porto Street Stage (1.85km)

♦ 7:18pm: SS9, Porto Street Stage (1.85km)

♦ 8:00pm: Flexi Service C, Exponor (49 minutes)


Saturday, May 21 

♦ 8:05am: Service D, Exponor (19 minutes)

♦ 9:42am: SS10, Baiao (18.66km)

♦ 10:24am: SS11, Marao (26.31km)

♦ 11:52: SS12, Amarante (37.67km)

♦ 1:25pm: Regroup (15 minutes)

♦ 1:40pm: Service E, Exponor (34 minutes)

♦ 3:32pm: SS13, Baiao (18.66km)

♦ 4:14pm: SS14, Marao (26.31km)

♦ 5:42pm: SS15, Amarante (37.67km)

♦ 7:42pm: Flexi Service F, Exponor (49 minutes)


Sunday, May 22 

♦ 5:15am: Service G, Exponor (19 minutes)

♦ 7:04am: SS16, Vieira do Minho (22.47km)

♦ 8:15am: Regroup, Fafe (30 minutes)

♦ 9:08am: SS17, Fafe (11.19km)

♦ 10:04am: SS18, Vieira do Minho (22.47km)

♦ 11:15am: Regroup, Fafe (30 minutes)

♦ 12:08pm: SS19, Fafe (11.19km)

♦ 1:40pm: Service H, Exponor (14 minutes)

♦ 2:10pm: Finish, Matosinhos




Saturday, May 21

♦ 8:30am: Start, Pré des Pêcheurs, Antibes

♦ 9:08am: Service A, MIN de Nice (15 minutes)

♦ 10:22am: SS1, Gréolières (4.73km)

♦ 10:41am: SS2, Col de Bleine - Le Mas - Aiglun (25.78km)

♦ 11:41am: SS3, Conseil Départemental des Alpes-Maritimes (22.23km)

♦ 1:05pm: Regroup, MIN de Nice (55 minutes)

♦ 2:00pm: Service B, MIN de Nice (30 minutes)

♦ 3:29pm: SS4, Gréolières (4.73km)

♦ 3:48pm: SS5, Col de Bleine - Le Mas - Aiglun (25.78km)

♦ 4:57pm: SS6, Conseil Départemental des Alpes-Maritimes (22.23km)

♦ 6:12pm: Regroup, MIN de Nice (11 minutes)

♦ 6:23pm: Service C, MIN de Nice (30 minutes)

♦ 7:30pm: Finish Leg 1, Pré des Pêcheurs, Antibes


Sunday, May 22 

♦ 6:30am: Start, Pré des Pêcheurs, Antibes

♦ 7:03am: Service D, MIN de Nice (15 minutes)

♦ 8:11am: SS7, Col de Braus - Col de l’Ablé (12.96km)

♦ 8:45am: SS8, Peira-Cava - Col de Turini - La Bollène (17.64km)

♦ 9:28am: SS9, Lantosque - Coaraze (19.70km)

♦ 10:41am: Regroup, MIN de Nice (59 minutes)

♦ 11:40am: Service E, MIN de Nice (30 minutes)

♦ 1:03pm: SS10, Col de Braus - Col de l’Ablé (12.96km)

♦ 1:37pm: SS11, Peira-Cava - Col de Turini - La Bollène (17.64km)

♦ 2:20pm: SS12, Lantosque - Coaraze (19.70km)

♦ 3:33pm: Regroup/Re-ordering, MIN de Nice

♦ 3:53pm: Service F, MIN de Nice (10 minutes)

♦ 4:45pm: Finish Ceremony, Pré des Pêcheurs, Antibes


ENTRY LIST – 208 Rally Cup

41. Pepe Lopez / Borja Rozada (SAINTELOC RACING) – Junior

42. Jean-Baptiste Franceschi / Valentin Salmon – Junior

43. William Wagner / Antoine Paque (PH SPORT) – Junior

44. Nil Solans / Miquel Ibanez (MAVISA SPORT)

45. Emmanuel Gascou / Céline Chapus (AFC RACING)

46. Stéphane Consani / Sabrina De Castelli (AUTOMECA)

47. Bruno Riberi / Anthony Toppi (CHL SPORT AUTO) – Junior

48. Quentin Ribaud / Benoît Balme (CHL SPORT AUTO) – Junior

49. Jérémie Toedtli / Alexandre Chioso (CHL SPORT AUTO) – Junior

50. Patrick Magnou / Benoît Manzo (PIT STOP)

51. Andrea Carella / Enrico Bracchi (POWER CAR TEAM)

52. Anthony Fotia / Nicolas Laurenti (PIT STOP) – Junior

53. Xavier Quinsac / Benjamin Porta (WILLIAM OUDOUX - EASY RALLY)

54. Jonathan Boueri / Grégory Bolgari (CHAZEL TECHNOLOGIE COURSE) – Junior

55. Yann Clairay / Thomas Roux (PH SPORT)

56. Guillaume de Mevius / Lois Louka (PH SPORT) – Junior

57. Jérémy Fournier / Matthieu Belhacene (H2L)

58. Joachim Wagemans / Andy De Baeremaeker (TRIMAN) – Junior

59. Kim Daldini / Daniele Rocca (GILAUTO) – Junior

60. Guillaume De Ridder / François Geerlandt (PIT STOP) – Junior

61. Taisko Lario / Sami Ryynanen (CHL SPORT AUTO) – Junior

62. Llarena Efren / Sara Fernandez (RACESEVEN) – Junior

63. Aki Sahila / Rami Suorsa (CHL SPORT AUTO) – Junior

64. Jose Luis Pelaez Olivares / Enrique Velasco (RACESEVEN)

65. Luca Bottarelli / Luigi Pirollo (GF RACING) – Junior

66. Thomas Baudoin / X (CHAZEL TECHNOLOGIE COURSE) – Junior

67. Yoann Salvadero / Xavier Castex (AUTOMECA) – Junior

68. Olivier Ramiandrisoa / Thomas Santiago (SAINTELOC RACING)

69. Brandon Maïsano / Pierre Pebeyre (FB RALLY) – Junior

70. Sam Taveneau / Clément Point (PH SPORT) – Junior

71. Antoine Rocard / Flavien Rognon (PH SPORT) – Junior

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