Chineese Portrait of Kevin Hansen02/11/2016 - 10:18


Name: Hansen
First Name: Kevin
Surname: Mikael
Hometown: Götene, Sweden
Nationality: Swedish
Birthday: May, 28 1998


rather beach or mountains? Mountain

What's your dream destination? Hawaï

Rather sweet or salty? Salty

Fast food or gourmet? Gourmet

What's your favorite ice-cream flavor? Nutella

Which home-cooked-meal would you be? Pasta Pesto

Which drink would you be? Red Bull Summer Edition/Tropical

What’s your favorite & necessary foodstuff - that you can’t live without? Pasta Pesto, et Oboy

The first thing you swallow when you get out of bed? My breakfats (different every day)

The last thing you do before sleeping? Starting my sleep alarm

How many hours of sleep on average? 8 hours

AUTOMOBILE: SWEDEN - HOLJES -  WRX - 01/07/2016 TO 03/07/2016

What do you think is your biggest character flaw? Can get a bit too emotionnal/agressive when we loose in competition, or when I'm hungry!

What do you think is your biggestr character quality? Happy and a bit crazy!! Don't care what people think

What's your musical taste/style? Pop music or house music

What's your favorite TV show/movie? How I Met Your Mother & Paradise Hotel Sweden

Do  you have other passions in life than motorsport? I love to see others athletes in all kind of sports.

How do you spend your time in between 2 races? Workout, prepare my mind for the next event, and go to school, catch up as much as I can.

What makes you laugh? My brother, Timmy Hansen

What is the thing that irritates you the most? Scrimp people...

Which Peugeot for your daily life? of course the PEUGEOT 208 WRX ;-) or the 308 GTI

If you would be a weekday, which one would it be? Sunday - if it's race week-end! - Friday, if it's a normal week!

If you would be a number, which one would it be?  71, like my race number

If you would be a color, which one would it be?  Blue

If you would be an animal, which one would it be? A cat

Vintage or modern? Modern, it's no question. I hate old stuff, new is always better

Any addiction? The need of wings!

Any superstition ? Always right stuff (like gloves) before the left, and no keys on the table. The rule of my grandma Edith!

Any tatoo? Not yet but I would love to have one

Your most beautiful/biggest emotion in your motorsport career? The most emotional I've ever been (that I can remember) is probably Barcelona 2016 after clinching the EuroRX title and Timmy's win in Holjes 2015!

AUTOMOBILE: SWEDEN - HOLJES -  WRX - 01/07/2016 TO 03/07/2016

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