Comforting first day in Montalegre for Team Peugeot-Hansen26/04/2015 - 10:53

Montalegre 2015 25-26 april 2015

The star of this first day of action in Montalegre was the rain. Nevertheless, Peugeot drivers shined with a very good pace this morning and this afternoon. Timy Hansen set the fastest time in Heat 1 with 42’’160.

Timmy Hansen

« I think we did a very good first day. We didn’t manage quite good start yet so we have to work a little bit on that overnight in order we can get to the first corner, first. The pace is there and we will continue to finetune the balance  ».


The day was a bit more difficult for the newcomer Davy Jeanney : « Heat 1 was a bit tricky. I had a bad start and brakes problems so I had spin and lost time. Heat 2 was much better as I finish second in my race with a 6th fastest time ».


Kenneth Hansen is pleased with this first day :

« We were curious to see where we are and wa have seen what we want : we were very fast on practice and on the heats. We still have work to do but things are ablolutely brilliant. We have a good car and are able to fight. We have ideas of setups we will try during the warm up to make the car even better ».


Bruno Famin, Peugeot Sport Director, confirms the target is clear:

«  We are at the start of the season and the road is very long. The most important thing is to get maximum points on each race and to do so we have to save as much as we can both cars on track ».


Warm-up will start at 9:00, follow by Heats 3 & 4 at 10:30. Semi-finals at 15:00 follow directly by final.

Day 1 - Results

Heat 1

Timmy Hansen: P2

Davy Jeanney: P15


Heat 2

Timmy Hansen: P5

Davy Jeanney: P6


Intermediate points after Heats 1 & 2

Timmy Hansen: P3

Davy Jeanney: P10


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