Get To Know Davy Jeanney17/11/2016 - 09:30

Rosario 2016 26-28 november 2016

Name: Jeanney
First Name: Davy
Hometown: France
Nationality: French
Birthday: December, 6th 1986


Rather beach or mountains? Mountain

What’s your dream destination? USA

Rather sweet or salty? Both

Fast food or gourmet? Gourmet

What’s your favorite ice-cream flavor? Vanilla

Which home-cooked-meal would you be? Chocolate mousse

Which drink would you be? Red Wine (Chateau Petrus)

What’s your favorite & necessary foodstuff - that you can’t live without? Meat

The first thing you swallow when get out of bed? Take my breakfast (bread, cereals, chocolate milk)


AUTOMOBILE: SPAIN - BARCELONA -  WRX - 16/09/2016 TO 18/09/2016


The last thing you do before sleeping? Take a relax time with my wife

How many hours of sleep on average? 7 hours

What do you think is your biggest character quality? self-control

What do you think is your biggest character flaw? Too sweet

What’s your musical taste/style?  Pop

What’s your favorite TV show? Movie : the green light

Do you have other passions in life than motorsport? Team sports

FIA WORLD RALLYCROSS CHAMPIONSHIP 2016 - LohŽac - France -  WRX - 02/09/2016 TO 04/09/2016

How do you spend your time in between 2 races? I manage two companies

What makes you laugh? Clumsy person

What is the thing that irritates you the most? People who life only around their own personal interest

The best time of your life until now? Now

Which object/artifact to live the next 95year? A race car

Which Peugeot for your daily life? A Peugeot 308 SW

If you would be a weekday, which one would it be? Friday

If you would be a number, which one would it be? 12

If you would be a color, which one would it be? Green

If you would be an animal, which one would it be? An eagle

Vintage or modern? Vontage

Any addiction? Motorsport

Any superstition? No

Any scars? One on my head

Any tatoo? No


How did you get to motorsport and driving / How does it appear to be your vocation? When I was 18 years when I had my driver licence and when I made my first run on a circuit of autocross. I drove for a long time because that attracted me but without being necessarily able to express my speed.

Your most beautiful/biggest emotion in your motorsport career? My first victory in Fia World Rallycross Championship in 2015.

World RX - Estering - 1st French driver winning in FIA World Rallycross Championship



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