Rallye Terre des Cardabelles (8-9 October): The last gravel outing of 201604/10/2016 - 15:49

Rallye Terre des Cardabelles 2016 08-09 october 2016


The entry list for the final gravel round of this year’s 208 Rally Cup boasts an entry of twenty-two 208R2s. The contest is consequently wide open, especially as a number of outsiders will be back for the Aveyron-based event which promises to deliver yet another thrilling scrap!


Pepe Lopez and William Wagner: no room for error!

William Wagner (PH Sport) failed to add a third win to his back-to-back successes on the Langres and Lozère rallies after a tough weekend in France’s Vosges mountains. The victor in Gerardmer was none other than Pepe Lopez (Sainteloc Racing) and the gap between the two drivers currently stands at 20 points (equivalent to a win). The stages in France’s Larzac region will therefore provide the backdrop to what is sure to be another tense clash between the two favourites to win the 2016 Cup. As an illustration of the close fight that has marked this year’s 208 Rally Cup, William Wagner’s winning margin over Pepe Lopez in Mende was just one second, while the Spaniard only beat Andrea Carella by half-a-second in Gerardmer! Lopez can actually wrap up the series this weekend, whereas Wagner will need two perfect scores at the last two rounds (victory and highest number of fastest stage times) to pip his rival to the post. The result of the Rallye Terre des Cardabelles will consequently be a good pointer as to who will succeed from last year’s 208 Rally Cup winner Jose Antonio Suarez!


Magnou, Carella and Toedtli lying in ambush

In the provisional standings, Patrick Magnou (Pit Stop), Andrea Carella (Power Car Team) and Jérémie Toedtli (CHL Sport Auto) follow Lopez and Wagner at a respectable distance but can still be expected to challenge for the win in Millau. Meanwhile, Quentin Ribaud (CHL Sport Auto), who is in his element on dirt and asphalt alike, is on target for a sixth consecutive points finish.


Eagerly-awaited comebacks

Three months after his last appearance in the 208 Rally Cup in Langres, François-Xavier Blanc returns to the fray. The 2015 Cardabelles winner will be on home turf and clearly stands out as a potential victor again. Always quick, but somewhat down on luck so far this season, Jean-Baptiste Franceschi is back, too, as are Thomas Baudoin (Chazel Technologie Course), Anthony Fotia (Pit Stop), Brandon Maïsano (Automeca), Olivier Ramiandrisoa (Sainteloc Racing), Antoine Rocard (PH Sport), Ashley Haigh-Smith (Pit Stop) and Alexandre Mollard (PH Sport).


A long list of other outsiders

Regulars Yann Clairay (PH Sport), Taisko Lario (CHL Sport Auto), Efren Llarena (Raceseven), Aki Sahila (CHL Sport Auto), Joachim Wagemans (Triman) and Joël Guerrero (GC Motorsport) will be joined in Millau for Round 6 by 208 Rally Cup newcomer Benoît Schulz (Pit Stop).



Saturday, October 8
7:30am: Start of recce lap / Parc de la Victoire (Millau)
9:48am: Regroup (60 minutes) / Relais Millau Larzac (L’Hospitalet du Larzac)
10:58am: Service 1 (35 minutes) / ZAE Millau Sud (La Cavalerie)
11:41am: SS1 (21.190km)
12:22pm: SS2 (15.500km)
1:00pm: SS3 (12.400km)
1:22pm: Regroup (60 minutes) / Relais Millau Larzac (L’Hospitalet du Larzac)
2:32pm: Service 2 (55 minutes) / ZAE Millau Sud (La Cavalerie)
3:35pm: SS4 (21.190km)
4:16pm: SS5 (15.500km)
4:54pm: SS6 (12.400km)
5:23pm: Service 3 (30 minutes) / ZAE Millau Sud (La Cavalerie)
6:20pm: End of Leg 1 / Parc de la Victoire (Millau)

Sunday, October 9
7:30am: Start of recce lap / Parc de la Victoire (Millau)
9:25am: Regroup (25 minutes) / Gymnase (Séverac le Château)
9:54am: Service 4 (40 minutes) / SNCF station car park (Séverac le Château)
11:10am: SS7 (14.800km)
11:50am: SS8 (15.200km)
12:15pm: Regroup (40 minutes) / Gymnase (Séverac le Château)
12:59pm: Service 5 (50 minutes) / SNCF station car park (Séverac le Château)
2:30pm: SS9 (14.800km)
3:10pm: SS10 (15.200km)
3:35pm: Service 6 (15 minutes) / SNCF station car park (Séverac le Château)
4:30pm: Finish / Parc de la Victoire (Millau)


Pepe Lopez / Borja Rozada (SAINTELOC RACING) – Junior
William Wagner / Antoine Paque (PH SPORT) – Junior
Patrick Magnou / Benoît Manzo (PIT STOP)
Jérémie Toedtli / X (CHL SPORT AUTO) – Junior
Andrea Carella / Enrico Bracchi (POWER CAR TEAM)
Quentin Ribaud / Benoît Balme (CHL SPORT AUTO) – Junior
Jean-Baptiste Franceschi / Romain Courbon – Junior
Aki Sahila / Rami Suorsa (CHL SPORT AUTO) – Junior
Joachim Wagemans / Andy De Baeremaeker (TRIMAN) – Junior
Yann Clairay / Frédéric Goupil (PH SPORT)
Llarena Efren / Sara Fernandez (RACESEVEN) – Junior
Taisko Lario / Sami Ryynänen (CHL SPORT AUTO) – Junior
Thomas Baudoin / Arnaud Cubizolles (CHAZEL TECHNOLOGIE COURSE) - Junior
François-Xavier Blanc / Gilles De Turckheim
Joël Guerrero Seuma / Xevi Moreno Balzquez (GC MOTORSPORT)
Anthony Fotia / Morgan Ledubuy (PIT STOP) – Junior
Olivier Ramiandrisoa / Thomas Santiago (SAINTELOC RACING)
Benoît Schulz / Pierre Schulz (PIT STOP)
Ashley Haigh-Smith / Niall Burns (PIT STOP) – Junior
Alexandre Mollard / Nicolas Eymin (PH SPORT)
Brandon Maisano / Pierre Pebeyre (AUTOMECA) – Junior
Antoine Rocard / Romain Garel (PH SPORT) – Junior

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